Selling your business

Transparency around fees is important to us, we all like to know where we stand

Fixed fee agreements

When running a business you need to know what you’re paying, surprise bills aren’t usually very welcome! That’s why at Moulds & Co Accountants we always agree fixed fees with clients at the outset and set these out on a fixed fee agreement, so you’ll always know where you stand.

Easy monthly installments

Once the fee is agreed we divide it up so you pay it in monthly installments by direct debit, easing cash flow and setting you free from any worry. You’ll know that you can contact us at any point during the year and you won’t be hit with additional bills or unforeseen costs.

If there are changes to your fixed fee agreement, we’ll agree this with you first before doing the work.

Value for money

Our fees directly represent the value we can add to your business, which means that we’re not always the cheapest; however, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true and what you think you’re saving in fees now is money lost later when you haven’t had the service you needed to grow your business or save tax. We are confident we can put together a package of services for you so contact us today for a discussion about how Moulds & Co Accountants can help your business.

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