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Why You Should Be Using a Local Accountant

Wetherby, Harrogate, York, Leeds and everywhere in-between. Why a local accountant is great for your business. Moulds & Co Accountants has been helping to grow local businesses throughout the Yorkshire region for over 20 years now. We believe that there are numerous benefits to having a local accountant that can really connect with you and […]

IR35: Guidance for Contractors

As of April 2020, changes to IR35 (off-payroll working rules) will likely affect contractors working through intermediaries.  From April 2020, medium and large organisations in the private sector will have to confirm the employment status of individual contractors, something which up until now, has been the responsibility of the contractors themselves (if working within the […]

Surviving the Winter: How to Strengthen your Cashflow

As we mentioned in a recent Linked In post, the expression ‘Cash is King’ is still as relevant as ever.  It may be accused of being overused but the cash is king mantra still holds true, especially for those small businesses approaching the winter crunch. If you are worried about paying your bills and surviving […]

Keep Your Receipts!

When starting your own business there are a hundred and one things to think about, so it’s no wonder that the smaller aspects can easily get lost among the chaos.  James Caan once stated that “the biggest rookie error I’ve seen startups make is the reluctance to track transactions.” In other words, not keeping their […]

Should I run my buy-to-let business through a limited company?

When setting up your buy-to-let business you need to consider whether to hold the property personally or whether a limited company may be more suitable.  To understand the issue better, first, let’s look at the rule changes that began to phase in from April 2017. What are the changes? From April 2017 to March 2018, […]

What’s the cheapest way to close down my company?

Starting your own successful business is a big achievement and as such, there is a vast amount of information online regarding how to start, what your first steps should be and how to grow your business as big as possible. But what if you need the opposite of that? For numerous reasons you might one […]

Where’s My Money?

Seeing cash in the bank is always a welcome sight and can really offer peace of mind to new businesses especially. However, profits are not always represented in this way, so what happens to them and why don’t you always see what you’re expecting to see? First, what do we mean by profits?  Profits are […]

How To Take Funds Out Of Your Company – For Incorporated Business Owners.

Growing your business and seeing profits increase is the aim for all businesses, especially when just starting out. However very early on you also need to consider how to remove money from your business effectively. There are many ways that a director or shareholder can take money out of the company and deciding on the […]

How Board View helps create a successful client

Our Board View service is 21 years old. Our most successful clients take our Board View service. Either monthly or quarterly we meet with our Board View clients to review the current performance of the business.  At the centre of the meeting sits the latest financial position, including the management accounts, cash flow, plans for […]

7 mistakes to avoid when selling your business

Selling a business can be complicated and it is easy to make some mistakes that can result in losing a lot of money.  This simple checklist will set out the 7 mistakes to avoid when selling your business. Not being fully prepared This is a common mistake with many small business owners. Selling is not […]

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