5 4 3 2 1…your business is ready for take off

5 4 3 2 1…your business is ready for take off

A growing business is an appealing business to potential buyers.

Few owners have the time or expertise to create that all-important growth plan but potential buyers will be looking for the key signs your business is poised to grow to the next level which they can capitalise on and include:

The owner is capping the company’s growth

This may seem a strange statement but we actually see this all the time. The owner has simply run out of hours in the day and for although may know HOW to grow their business to the next level just cannot commit the necessary time and resources to pulling that all-important growth plan together.

The team is growing

As a business grows and new staff members join, they bring with them a whole crop of new ideas and areas of expertise. They spot growth and efficiency opportunities and widen the company’s growth circle and capabilities.

Those dream jobs are just out of reach

Your client list is impressive, you even have some signed contracts as part of your portfolio and have even won work from some of your main competitors, but those big dream jobs still prove elusive.

Strong client reputation

Your client list includes known organisations and those clients are coming to you for multiple products and services. Your clients are actively referring you and use you as a go-to resource and reference point.

You are having to say no to work

Unimaginable when we first start in business, but as a business grows you can start to run out of time and resources to fulfill all your clients’ requests. A buyer will spot this as great potential within your business.

At Moulds & Co Accountants we see owner managed businesses all the time and are ready to help you develop your Growth Plan and get your business ready for sale.

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