Recruitment interview
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Need funds to grow? 

If you are looking to grow your business you may benefit from assistance with your cash flow.  You may not be looking for anything specific but assistance with fundraising would enable you to invest in different areas including IT, products and marketing.

Have you got a business plan ready?

If you have already spent time preparing a business plan we can review this for you and provide you with support as you approach various lenders.  Alternatively we can prepare a detailed business plan and fundraising request for you to take to your lender.

If all you need to do is meet the right people we’ll arrange the meetings, help with any application forms, and sit in on the meetings to give you advice and support.

Is asset finance right for your business?

If you need to buy items of equipment, or there are specific purchases which would fulfill your business needs we can help you finance that. In this case an asset finance or invoice finance solution might be required.

Fundraising isn’t always straightforward these days, even for the most credit worthy of businesses, so let us help you with it. Ask for a call back to arrange your free meeting. 

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