How to pay yourself from your limited company

We often get asked by directors of limited companies how they can pay themselves from their limited company. All too often they are taking a ‘normal’ salary and then some dividends which means overall they are typically paying too much tax. As a director of a limited company you take the risks and the sleepless […]

How much support has your accountant given you during lockdown?

On 23rd March 2020 lockdown was first announced for the UK, taking everyone completely by surprise. Businesses didn’t have time to plan or react to the sudden closures and restrictions around trade. Nor did they have time to put aside any cash they might have had to weather the storm. An upsetting and stressful time for […]

A real review of your numbers that could save you thousands

As a business owner you know you should look over your numbers regularly. You might even have some management accounts prepared by your accountant or bookkeeper and review the profit and loss account (“P&L”) once a month.  In conjunction with looking at your bank balance and seeing enough to pay your team and suppliers, you […]

How to improve your processes and boost cashflow

Not having the right processes in place around invoicing and cash collection can have a huge impact on a businesses cashflow. Even just late payments can put a strain on the business.  A lot of businesses think that a large client is a good client but if they don’t pay you on time, or it’s […]

Increase profits in your I.T. business without having to win new clients

When businesses first start they generally take on every client who contacts them because they’re trying to build their pipeline and grow, making a profit in the first few years isn’t the only goal.  Often the new business isn’t quite sure of itself or it’s offering so sells its services at a slightly lower price […]

Cashflow – why cash is king and how a forecast can help

A positive cashflow keeps a business running whilst negative cashflow causes a business owner sleepless nights and may even be severe enough that the business fails.  It’s one of the main reasons most start up businesses don’t survive past the first year. Spending too much or investing in new people or equipment without sufficient planning […]

Covid 19 update – how is VAT changing?

On 8th July 2020 the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced he was cutting the rate of VAT on hospitality and tourism from 20% to 5%. The new rate would be effective from 15th July 2020 to 12th January 2021. The rate cut applies to food, non-alcoholic drinks, accommodation and admission to attractions across the UK.   […]

Covid 19 – how to avoid a cashflow crisis

Cashflow problems are a huge headache for small businesses. Bring on a pandemic and this increases the problems ten-fold. It’s coming to our attention more and more that larger companies are choosing not to pay their suppliers on time during the pandemic. These larger businesses are choosing instead to build their own cash reserves by […]

7 reasons why you need an accountant

7 reasons why you need an accountant Hiring an accountant to look after your business finances is a smart move. Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re up and running but looking to expand, here are 7 reasons why you need an accountant to help your growing business. You could save money Think hiring […]

How Board View helps create a successful client

Our Board View service is 21 years old. Our most successful clients take our Board View service. Either monthly or quarterly we meet with our Board View clients to review the current performance of the business.  At the centre of the meeting sits the latest financial position, including the management accounts, cash flow, plans for […]

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