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Cloud Accounting
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Cloud Accounting: Good for companies, Great for business

Cloud Accounting is helping businesses to operate smarter, react to opportunities and risk faster and providing real insight, in real time.

Working in the cloud will give you a much better understanding of your finances and how your business is performing.

There are many versions of cloud accounting software in the market place e.g. Xero, Quick Books, SAGE One.  Here at Moulds & Co we use the industry leading software platform for both our practice and our clients, as we find it both user friendly and our clients tell us how much they like it.

So what are the benefits of Cloud Accounting?

  1. Direct bank feed

Xero uses a direct feed to your business bank account, downloading all of your transactions into the software, allowing you to track your income and expenses quickly, keeping everything in one place.

  1. Accessibility

As long as you have an internet connection you can access your information anywhere in the world, 24/7.

  1. Real time information

You have access to real time information allowing you to make key decisions in your business. You don’t have to wait until after the year-end to find out how your business performed, you can see it in real time.

  1. Saving tax

Having access to up to date financial information gives you the ability to see where your numbers will end up at the year end. This allows you to work with us on tax planning strategies that will help you and your business save money.

Xero Cloud Accounting software is excellent for giving businesses up to the minute information allowing you to deliver commercial advantage.

How to get started

There are two ways to get started with Cloud Accounting:

Convert from existing software

Brand new set up

We have converted lots of clients from SAGE and Kashflow Manager onto Xero – you can get at least two years converted easily to allow you to maintain your prior year comparable information. We set you up! We can set you up on Xero if you are used to using spreadsheets or even manual cashbooks – it’s really straightforward and quick to do.


Xero training

Once you’ve got set up we can offer training sessions to you or your in-house bookkeeper on how to use Xero and get the best out of it.    If you haven’t already tried Xero then click here to go to their website and get a free trial.  Once you try it you’ll see the benefits of Cloud Accounting and never look back.

Contact us today to hear about the invaluable business benefits of Cloud Accounting and how harnessing this technology today, with our team of accountants, could deliver your business with the profit growth of tomorrow.

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